I wrote my first program in a language called Algol68 somewhere in the mid 1970’s. Since then I must have written 100,000’s lines of code, in a variety of languages.

On these pages, you will find software that I wrote over the years and that I’ve put in the public domain. This is mainly code for hobbies and such. Right now, you will find 2 programs on these pages: Dealer and Swiss.

Dealer deals cards, however while most programs try to produce random deals, this program allows the user to steer the dealing process and specify certain hands. This makes the program a great training tool. For example, if you want to practice bidding after a 1NT opening, simply specify that west holds 15-17 and a balanced hand, and east any 13 cards, and start bidding.

I updated dealer on 20190529. The current version is in the repository.

Swiss is a program to run a swiss teams event on a computer. When I played my first swiss teams event, back in 1981 or so, I noticed that 3 people were needed for the scoring and the puzzle of making a line-up for the next round. As I just got my first computer, an Apple ][ with Basic, 1 MHz processor speed and 48k memory, I wrote an algorithm for my computer. That worked a lot better and faster. This program has evolved over the years, the current version, for any UNIX box, is available from the site.

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